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Blue Shoe Covers

Blue Shoe Covers

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Product Description

If passengers encounter heavy rain on the way, they will become unable to move. Travelers are not allowed to travel with heavy rain boots while traveling, and the availability of shoe cover is essential. Our products are a must-have for office workers. Office workers wear high-end leather shoes, and they are more depressed when they encounter rainy days.

Basic Specification

Product Name: Thickened bottom PVC rain shoe cover

Brand: Li Deming

Material: PVC

Cabinet: 20-foot cabinet with 27,000 pairs or so/40-foot cabinet with 63,000 pairs or so

Color: blue, pink, customizable

Style: solid color

Features: waterproof and non-slip

Code length long width

M 26CM 11CM 20CM

L 27CM 11CM 20CM

XL 28CM 11CM 20CMTransparent belt point rain boots.jpg

girls shoe covers.jpg

PVC transparent shoe cover.jpg

Transparent belt point shoe cover.jpg

Transparent shoe cover.jpg


FAQ:Play in Shenzhen Central Park, remember to take our products!

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This tourism is in a rainy area, when you come to travel and play. Please be sure to bring your own waterproof raincoat and shoe cover. Because the weather is changeable, I look at the clear sky at a glance, and it rains heavily in the blink of an eye. Shenzhen Lide Ming raincoat is cheap and stylish, and it doesn't affect the value of the body, but it also increases its own temperament and becomes a fashion trend.

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