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CPE Disposable Plastic Shoe Cover

CPE Disposable Plastic Shoe Cover

the family cleaning (such as mopping the floor) to avoid repeated cleaning. And after cleaning (because the water is not dry) can not enter the house trouble.We are CPE disposable plastic shoe cover manufacture from china. We have devoted ourselves to CPE disposable plastic shoe cover for 12 years, and our markets are spread across most of Europe and the Americas. We also supply "disposable shoe covers and other shoe covers".

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It is an effective product for protecting shoes when people travel or encounter rain in rainy days. It is suitable for people to walk and ride bicycles in rain and snow, protect their shoes and trousers from rain and mud spatter, and also suitable for traveling and carrying around.

Basic information

Product Name: G-type buckle PE plastic shoe cover

Brand: Li Deming

Material: PE

size: one size

color: blue

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

Applicable people: adults



One: family visits. Avoid the shackles caused by foot odor.

Second: the family cleaning (such as mopping the floor) to avoid repeated cleaning. And after cleaning (because the water is not dry) can not enter the house trouble

Three: office building, office and business negotiation room. Use this product to show luxury style and subtle service

Four: hospital. Hotel dedicated to use safe. Health. Convenient.

Five: cars and airplanes, etc.. Avoid getting muddy stains after entering the car after rain. Water stains, etc.

Six: When it rains, avoid the pain of leather shoes.

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Tourists litter CPE disposable plastic shoe covers, tea card salt lake was troubled by garbage

On the same day, the video of the net red spot “Mirror of the Sky” Qinghai Chaka Salt Lake was alleged to be a “junkyard” video. The reporter learned from the Chaka Salt Lake Scenic Area that the scenic spot is now in the tourist season. At the peak of the day, 12 tons of garbage can be calculated, and a large part of this is the CPE disposable plastic garbage that tourists enter into the salt lake. It is reported that in order to alleviate the environmental pressure of Chaka Salt Lake, the scenic area has specially customized the degradable rental shoe covers, and arranged nearly 200 cleaning staff to inspect the scenic spot. The scenic area allows visitors to enjoy the beauty while enjoying the beauty.

"Sky of the Sky" Lakeside garbage everywhere With the arrival of the summer tourist season, Qinghai Chaka Salt Lake, which has the reputation of "Mirror of the Sky", has once again become a sought-after target. However, the "mirror of the sky" on the same day has repeatedly suffered from garbage.

According to the video performance of a tourist, the boardwalk on the edge of Chaka Salt Lake is crowded with tourists who come to visit. At the foot of the tourists, there are many plastic wastes of different colors. At the scene, the staff of the scenic spot kept picking up the garbage and playing the broadcast of “Please throw the garbage into the trash can”.

Ms. Yan, who is currently traveling in Chaka Salt Lake, informed the reporters of Beiqing Daily that Chaka Salt Lake is now a site for the net red shooting. The public likes to enter the lake to take photos of the “mirror of the sky” effect, and enter the salt lake to wear a shoe cover. . “A lot of people have easily abandoned the garbage that pass through the lake.”

12 tons of garbage cleared during the peak period

Yesterday, squatting, for the net tea card salt lake to change the garbage dump, Beiqing Daily reporter interviewed a Li surname staff in the Chaka Salt Lake Scenic Area. He said that after entering the peak of summer tourism, with the surge in the number of tourists, some tourists do have uncivilized moves that are easy to litter. "We are constantly paying attention to the environmental sanitation in the scenic area. The scenic spot is also equipped with a lot of publicity slogans, and there are also staff patrols, but there are still poor environmental awareness of tourists."

According to the staff of the surname Li, in order to maintain the sanitation of the scenic spot, a professional cleaning company was specially hired in the prospect of the summer peak. Now, the number of cleaning and service staff in the entire scenic spot is about 180. In order to liquidate the garbage left by tourists, many cleaning staff have been working from 6 am to 10:30 in the morning, which is very hard. “At the peak, the cleaning staff was able to clear 12 tons of garbage from the scenic spot one day.”

Li’s staff said that it is now about 40,000 people a day during the peak period of the scenic spot. "One or two people throwing garbage workers can get over, too many people, we have pressure to liquidate."

In order to protect the natural environment of Chaka Salt Lake and provide visitors with a better experience, from July 15th, the scenic spot began to limit 50,000 people daily.

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