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Double Non-slip Bottom Polyester Cloth Shoe Cover

Double Non-slip Bottom Polyester Cloth Shoe Cover

We provide Double non-slip bottom polyester cloth shoe cover china custom and OEM. We devoted ourselves to Double non-slip bottom polyester cloth shoe cover 12 years, covering most of Europe and the Americas market. We are also supply, boy raincoat suit.

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Product Name: Non-slip cloth shoe cover

Brand: Li Deming

Material: Polyester

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

color: blue

size: one size

Printable logo: Yes

Box quantity: 200 pairs

Applicable people: unisex

Applicable places: indoor, dust-proof places, etc.

FAQ:Remember the "computer class" in the depths of memory? The days of wearing shoe covers are gone forever.

In those years when computers were not widely used, the previous section "Computer Class" or "Microcomputer Lesson" or "Information Technology Class" was our rare opportunity to get in touch with computers. At that time, the network seemed to be mysterious, and the computer seemed to "Thinking", we are very "curious", deep in the depths of memory, there are games that have been played in those years, shoe covers that pass through, buckle the ball in the mouse, look look together, "computer class" What are you doing?

In the same year, the computer was not so smart now, and it was necessary to manually type in the "command" before the corresponding operation could be performed. At that time, it was really a keyboard in hand, and I have it in the world! After 90 friends may not have been exposed to the "command" operating system, starting directly from windows98, there is no such thing as windows 10, but it is such an ugly interface, evoking our "deaf" to the computer.

Wear a shoe cover for class

In the era when the computer was a "luxury", the computer also wore a "precision instrument" hat. It was essential to wear a shoe cover on a computer class. Every class has a teacher or classmate who checks at the door to see if it is worn. Shoe covers, forgotten classmates, only sly back to bring!

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