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Double Non-slip Bottom Velvet Shoe Cover

Double Non-slip Bottom Velvet Shoe Cover

Our factory has been supported by our customers for many years, and has accumulated rich production and market experience in shoe cover machine and plastic products (shower cap), home textiles and daily necessities processing and non-woven products.We are Double non-slip bottom velvet shoe cover manufacture from china. We have devoted ourselves to the Double non-slip bottom velvet shoe cover for 12 years, and our markets are spread across most of Europe and the Americas. We also supply Backpack raincoat and Bike raincoat

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Product Name: High-grade non-slip cloth shoe cover

Brand: Li Deming

size: one size

Color: color

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

Workmanship: manual

Style: Unisex

Applicable people: adults

Can be customized: can

Can you embroider logo: you can


Note: This shoe cover is not in stock for the time being. Please contact the customer service system if you need it. Thank you!

The 20,000 yuan is of course a very fine car wash process. This is very popular abroad, but some of the top vehicles such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini are also available for this price. If you say such a vehicle, the price of 20,000 yuan is nothing, but if you really understand it, even ordinary people will think that such a price is really worth the money. We know that people who drive a car can bring a shoe cover when they get on the bus. Even when they touch the steering wheel, they must wear gloves. This requires a car with a careful passport. The car wash process is naturally not easy. .

From the very beginning we can see that the workers who carry out the internal cleaning are carried out with gloves, with very professional and fine small brushes, as well as a variety of cleaning agents, seats, steering wheels, etc. When things are carefully applied, the order and proportion of some cleaning agents should be controlled. Finally, the cleaned towels should be carefully cleaned with clean towels. Some fine corners, instrument panels, etc., even use them. Go to the cotton swab for careful cleaning.

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