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Dustproof PE Shoe Cover

Dustproof PE Shoe Cover

The family cleaning to avoid repeated cleaning. And after cleaning can not enter the house trouble.We supply dustproof PE shoe cover china supplier. We undertake a number of national projects, and our research team has repeatedly study abroad, has accumulated a wealth of technical experience We have a group of professional personnel at your service. Cloth shoe covers, rain shoe covers, we also supply.

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Our product is a special shoe cover producd by the automatic machine. It is light in weight, good in quality and easy to use. It is cheap but workable item for food and shoe protection.It's ideal for food industry,Medical,Hospital,Laboratory,Manufacturing,Cleanroom,Painting and veterinary.


Excellent finish

Resistant to tear


Resists water, dirt and mud

Elasticated top for secure fit, One size fits all.

Product Name: T-type buckle disposable plastic shoe cover

Basic Specification

Brand: Lideming

Export: yes

The article number 02255

Export: yes

Origin: Shenzhen, China.

Packing: 100/pack (10/volume 10 rolls/pack)

Whether the source of the patent: no.

Color: blue


One: family visits. Avoid the shackles caused by foot odor after taking off your shoes.

Second: the family cleaning (such as mopping the floor) to avoid repeated cleaning. And after cleaning (because the water is not dry) can not enter the house trouble

Three: office building, office and business negotiation room. Use this product to show luxury style and subtle service

Four: hospital. Hotel dedicated to one use safety. Health. Convenient.

Five: cars and airplanes, etc.. Avoid getting muddy stains after entering the car after rain. Water stains, etc.

Six: When it rains, avoid the pain of leather shoes.


The road to growth of dust-proof PE shoe covers

It is very feasible to choose new products in the initial business. Although the risks are high, it is relatively easy to succeed because the new product market is infinite. The successful master Chen Anzhi once told such a story. Once he finished his speech in Singapore, a listener pulled him and asked: "Why can't I become Bill Gates?" Chen Anzhi asked him: "What do you do?" A bit of a dear friend: "Opening a cosmetics store in Singapore." Chen Anzhi said: "Then you certainly can't be the richest man in the world, because your market is only a little bit, and the market of Bill Gates is infinite. Specifically, your service can only be To make Singapore a big and small place, and Bill Gates' service can be anywhere in the world. That is to say, Bill Gates has no competitors, and you have a lot. So, the market that is not available in the world is infinite. What has already appeared in the world, the market share has been divided up by everyone, so it is difficult for ordinary people to become Bill Gates."

Master Chen’s words are very reasonable. Shopping malls such as battlefields, innovation is the source of development. The development of new products is very rapid, and the development of traditional products is relatively slow, and even can only sustain their livelihood. But looking at the commodity market, it is not easy to find a good new product. If it is easy, anyone can easily make a fortune. The market is often dominated by the prophets, fashion is also guided by the prophets, our products are such a rare new good product, early intervention in the production machine market is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to tap the first barrel of gold. The production machine has a wide range of use, such as factories, hotels, hotels, hospitals, offices, laboratories, computer rooms, real estate model houses, and other places. As long as you grasp this business opportunity, do your best, don't invest much, and the risk is very small. With the huge profit-making space given by the company, you only need to sell 10,000 units a year, you can tap the first million in life and achieve wealth. Ideal, live a rich life!

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