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G-type Buckle Disposable Plastic Shoe Cover

G-type Buckle Disposable Plastic Shoe Cover

Applicable environment: home, forensic, hospital, dust-free workshop, dust-free laboratory, anti-static place, rainy day. We supply G-type buckle disposable plastic shoe cover china sample test. We have professional technical team and advanced production equipment to ensure that the quality of the products and services. We are also supply Environment-friendly PVC bath cap.

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This shoe cover is a one-time special product. The special agent thickens the non-slip sole and the elastic to ensure that it does not fall off, does not stretch the feet, and is carefully sewed by the workers.


Brand: Li Deming

Style: thicker shoe cover

Color: blue white background

Size: one size, can be produced according to customer requirements

Applicable people: unisex

Applicable environment: home, forensic, hospital, dust-free workshop, dust-free laboratory, anti-static place, rainy day.

FAQ:Shoe cover shop corner customers less? Give it to you easily!

Recently, the exhibition has been paid more and more attention by the store in the past two years. The public has begun to try to use some display skills to optimally combine goods and space to attract customers to promote profit margins; but as if most stores have such a corner, Few consumers are approaching, and once many commodities enter these areas, they are like being thrown into the cold! Is there no way to save?

Don't worry, let's take a look at some examples of dead corners in the shoe store. In the ideal life, there are two types of stores that are most prone to dead spots (cold areas).

In this kind of store, consumers are prone to delays at the front end of the store. If the product is not very interesting, it is easy to leave the store and not stay behind the store. At this time, the back end of the store is a dead corner (cold area).

B irregular type

The irregular shoe cover store is also very easy to have a corner of the store. It is more common that this L-shaped store is popular among consumers in the hot zone of the picture, and it is not easy to go to the cold area of the corner.

How to make the dead corner "rejuvenate"? It is true that most of the dead ends are the unreasonable scars left by thisr store. Once the store decoration is completed, even if it is found to be unreasonable, it is unlikely to be renovated.

Indeed, we want to resurrect the dead end, we can use the three characteristics of human beings: light, color, and hunting to promote consumers' interest in the dead end;

1. Do the key position display

Being able to show in the dead corner, using sports products and props to attract consumers to the corner, only the consumer has taken a step further in this place, and the goods in the corner are more likely to be sold.

In the store shopping, about 20% of consumers are excited purchases, thus adding consumers' visibility of the goods and indirect assistance for the progress of sales.

▲We can let the shopping guide inform consumers that there are sports products here, attract consumers to come closer, and when they come closer, they can see more products in the corner.

2, posting a poster

The inconspicuous land has just been easily overlooked by consumers and has become a corner of the store. Therefore, in order to attract the eyes of consumers, it is better to add some special decorations and eye-catching posters to the dead corner to attract consumers.

Just like the POP posters that UNIQLO can see everywhere, the demand is there to attract you, there is POP there. A lot of people have been hunting, and what is the poster on the poster.

Although not only the most prevailing places in the store are called dead ends, the status of entering the store may also be the place where the dead ends exist.

This status is often unable to accommodate the flow of people. As people come here, attention will attract the voluminous goods, forming the most popular import status and selling cold areas, so it is also possible to post posters here.

▲It is a POP poster which spreads the difference size and the difference contents from the ceiling to the depth of the corner

3, configure the utility area

It is also a good way to revitalize the cold zone by putting the product experience zone, the resting position, the mirror, etc. in the dead corner.

Every inch of space in the store is a scarce resource. No matter what store you open, the rational use of space will enable more goods to be displayed and pulled for sale. There are many ways to deal with dead ends. The center is to stand at the consumer's point of view, so that consumers can buy their favorite products no matter where they go to the store.

Lide Ming, the manufacturers are facing the national franchisees. If you are a person with lofty ideals, then participate in the industry, together with us to build the first brand, create a brilliant dream just around the corner!

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