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High-end Camouflage Denim sShoe Cover

High-end Camouflage Denim sShoe Cover

Our company is a professional manufacturer of shoe covers. We undertake orders for special shoe covers for factories, real estate and villas at home and abroad.We are output High-end camouflage denim shoe cover china Wholesalers. We have been in the High-end camouflage denim shoe cover 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply double cycling bike.

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Made of slip-resistant camouflage denim, our product is reliable in quality, can be worn repeatedly and machine washable. We can provide a variety of cloth shoe cover style, if you have special requirement ,we also can make to order professionally. Especially when you wear this shoe cover,the floor will not cause scratch, in fact is free to mop the floor.


Can be machine-washable

Charming pattern and soft texture

Available to all sizes

Product information

Brand: Li Deming

Product number: LDM-568

Material: camouflage denim

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

Specifications: 31*20cm

Product style: fashion

Packaging: bagged

Whether it can be customized: you can

Is it possible to add a logo:


Our company is a professional manufacturer of shoe covers. We undertake orders for special shoe covers for factories, real estate and villas at home and abroad.

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