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High-grade Anti-skid Shoes Cover

High-grade Anti-skid Shoes Cover

Style: gold velvet + glue point bottom corduroy + glue point bottom cotton shaka cloth + glue point bottom cotton bead canvas + glue point bottom.We are High-grade Anti-skid Shoes Cover china supplier. We have been in the High-grade Anti-skid Shoes Cover 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Product Name: High-grade non-slip velvet shoe cover

Brand: Li Deming

Material: flat flannel

Workmanship: manual

Applicable people: adults

Embroidered logo: can

Processing customization: can

Features: novel color, can be embroidered, embroidered, printed, non-slip bottom (can choose not embroidered, no anti-slip bottom) can be repeatedly cleaned. (LOGO can be customized according to customer requirements) Our product can be customized according to different requirements of customers! Good wear resistance, cleaning does not fade, double bottom! Good wear resistance, not easy to be worn by the heel of the sole, work fine! Repeated cleaning does not fade, can be used for 2-3 years.

Size: suitable for 36-44 yards 46 yards or more custom-made, it can be divided: men's clothing. Women's clothing. Children's clothing three specifications can also pass.

Scope of use: home, business units, office, real estate model house, electronics industry, high-tech, clean room and so on.

Color: black, coffee, navy, purple, gray, white, green, red, etc., can also be done according to customer's requirements.

Style: gold velvet + glue point bottom corduroy + glue point bottom cotton shaka cloth + glue point bottom cotton bead canvas + glue point bottom.

FAQ:On the Millennium Bridge, why do all workers wear high-grade non-slip velvet shoe covers?

All personnel entering the deck must wear our products.

Yesterday, the construction workers were throwing stones at the bridge to prepare for the second laying.

This edition / Chongqing Morning News reporter Hu Jieru

Construction workers are testing the temperature of the poured asphalt.

Yesterday, the Qianlingmen Jialing River Bridge began to pack asphalt, which is the last process of the deck system (excluding ancillary works) and will be completely laid out in the middle of next month. The Chongqing Morning Post reporter entered the bridge yesterday and inquired about the progress of the project in advance. Before entering the paving site, supervising engineer Wang Tao asked the reporter to put on it.

Asphalt does not need to be self-flowing

Wang Tao said that due to the high degree of bonding requirements, the bridge deck should be as dust-free as possible. The area of the steel bridge deck of the main bridge is about 12,481 square meters. It is not easy to clean it. More than 20 workers used mops and rags to clean the bridge deck of the bridge. From the morning of the 21st, they cleaned the whole day.

The bridge deck pavement is made of cast asphalt concrete. The transport of this asphalt is a special temperature tanker imported from Germany. From the asphalt mixed soil mixing station to the construction site of the bridge, the asphalt mixed soil has been maintained at a constant temperature of 220-250 degrees Celsius throughout the transportation process. The high-temperature asphalt that is dumped out allows the pavement site to be steamed, without the need for roller compaction and direct self-flow molding. Simply wipe it evenly with a paver and solidify after cooling.

When the pavement is officially paved, the asphalt of each car is still sampled and sent to the laboratory for inspection. In order to grasp the quality of the pavement on the day, and to provide data guidance for the paving of the next day.

Xiao Jingjing, the chief engineer of the asphalt pavement of the bridge deck of the Liangjiang Bridge, introduced that the paved asphalt layer has two layers. Only a single layer, one-way need to be paved for two days, the entire paving process is more time-consuming, the location of the sidewalk of the roadway, the position of the drainage dice, need to be manually paved, as we often say "locking."

There are two light rail stations in the bridgehead

The bridge pavement will be completed in the middle of next month. If the weather is not beautiful, in case of rain, etc., the time may be postponed. The pavement of the sidewalk will be colored concrete gravel after pavement, which is both beautiful and non-slip, just like the East Shuimen Bridge.

After the bridge deck is completed, the installation of street lights and traffic signs will be carried out to ensure the smooth completion of the main bridge in June. However, the current opening time is still uncertain.

The Qianmenmen Bridge is also a single-span public-rail dual-purpose cable-stayed girder bridge, the upper walkway and two-way four-lane; the lower level is a two-way track line, the track No. 6 will cross the river through the “bridge belly”, and the orbital station will be close to the bridge. Corresponding to Xiaoshi Station and Grand Theatre Station, respectively, at the bridgehead of the bridge

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