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High-grade Cloth Cover

High-grade Cloth Cover

The factory is specialized in the design, production and sales of plastic and non-woven products, and adheres to the business philosophy of “trusting business, treating people with sincerity, treating people and people, and achieving win-win results”. Stylish, innovative and unique new products in the market.We are High-grade cloth cover china supplier. We have been in the High-grade cloth cover 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Product introduction

First, first of all, what kind of material do you need to customize?

The main fabrics are cotton, flannel, canvas, pu, etc...

Second, you need to know the specifications of the products you are making. The specification is easy to handle, and the ruler is fine.

Third, what color is the embroidery logo required?

Fourth, the quotation: the factory quotation is generally ex-factory price, excluding tax and shipping, including ordinary packaging.


Top class texture, soft and comfortable

Can be folded, which saves space

Easy to put on and take off

Can be recycled for many times

Product information:

Name: velvet shoe cover

Brand: Li Deming

Item No.: XT-B-81

Color: red, black


The fabric used in this product is high-grade soft velvet fabric, and the bottom is double-layered and thick non-slip bottom. It is easy to clean and wear.

Product real shot

Product size reference map

Unit: cm

Type name Length Width Height Thickness

M 32 10.5 11

L 34 10.5 11

XL 36 10.5 11



Wearing slippers, there are so many hazards, small partners rush to buy High-grade Cloth Cover to go

In daily life, although there are few people wearing slippers, but now there are some pairs of slippers in the family, and it is not only convenient and quick to wear slippers at home, but more importantly, it will not stain the floor, so it is necessary to wear slippers at home. I am used to it, but everyone should pay attention to it. Not everyone is suitable for wearing slippers for a long time. Some people wear slippers at home for a long time.

Slippers are mostly flat and flat, which can change the posture and center of gravity of the human body, resulting in uneven distribution of foot load. Older people, especially those who are obese, will feel tired when they wear slippers for a long time and will also cause their arches to sink. Therefore, you should wear slope slippers or regular cloth shoes with a heel at home, the most suitable height is 2.5 cm.

Also be careful not to mix slippers at home, try to be one person and one pair. Mixing slippers is the main cause of skin disease in the feet. If the weather is hot, bacteria can spread more easily.

It is understood that in many families, it is not equipped with a pair of slippers for each member. Especially when guests come to the house at home, they can give a pair of slippers to the guests. This is a common practice. The family mixes slippers and spreads easily including blistering and dip. The ulceration type and the scaly keratinization type are sufficient.

When people are socializing, they are easily infected by bathing, pedicure, etc.; when they return home, they can also pass the footbath, slippers, and mixed clothes to others, especially when they are mixed with slippers. The biggest opportunity.

Therefore, the relevant people remind the general public that the slippers at home should be marked and made for personal use, especially in the summer, and the slippers should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. When you come to the house, you don't have to change your shoes. You can hand our product to the guest and put the high-grade cloth shoes up. This is good for both the host and the customer.

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