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High-grade Double Anti-slip Bottom Polyester Cloth Shoe Cover

High-grade Double Anti-slip Bottom Polyester Cloth Shoe Cover

Is a professional production of shoe cover machine and a series of plastic products. Non-woven products. Home textiles daily necessities processing, export-oriented sole proprietorship.We are High-grade double anti-slip bottom polyester cloth shoe cover china supplier. We have been in the High-grade double anti-slip bottom polyester cloth shoe cover 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Made of nylon cloth, our product is ideal for home and business use, carpet protection and easy to put into the car's boots to protect the car floor. Due to its non-slip bottom and durable quality, it can be used for many years,  which is also suitable for all types of shoes. If you are interested in our products,  please contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer.


Easy to take off - easy to put on, with it, you do not need to drag the floor everyday

Commercial grade design, solid structure and soft texture

Can be folded- A safe way for tourists to store effortlessly.

Product Name: High-grade double-layer non-slip bottom polyester cloth shoe cover

Brand: Li Deming

Material: nylon cloth

Color: Customizable

Style: non-slip

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

Workmanship: manual

Applicable people: adults

Applicable places: indoor

Note: It has only a small amount of stock for the time being. If you have a lot of friends, please contact online customer service, thank you!

FAQ:Small high-grade double-slip bottom polyester cloth shoe cover, reflecting different happiness

"It is not convenient for you to take off your boots. Set a high-end double-slip bottom polyester cloth shoe cover!" This is a recent report to the village of Sula Palace in Dada Mutu Village, Yining City. · Aisha said to reporters.

After receiving our product, the reporter's heart is full of emotion: this thing that can be seen in the city, but now enters the peasant's home, reflecting the improvement of the quality of life of Yining farmers.

The yellow wall, the red roof, the two-story building and the grape promenade are the first impressions of the Tishhan Aisha family. The indoor study, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are clean and modern, with a modern atmosphere and great National characteristics. "The six houses are five cents, and they cost 100,000 yuan, isn't it?" Tou Tihan Aisha said in his tone of satisfaction.

Toho Tish Aisha, who moved into the new home in October last year, is one of more than 540 villagers resettled in the first phase of the project of the Sula Palace Village. It is also one of the beneficiaries of the project of housing and enriching the people in Nanjing, Jiangsu. The doorway, cultural walls and grape promenade can be seen everywhere around his new home. Chen Xiaofei, deputy director of Yining City Construction Bureau and aid cadre, told reporters that the design and planning of the project of the Fumin Palace in the Lower Sula Palace Village not only referenced the existing experience of the construction of new rural areas in the Mainland, but also integrated the rich elements of Jiangnan into the plan. . After the completion of the project, the lower Sula Palace Village is home to the people and the people, and the style and deep friendship between Nanjing and Yining are everywhere.

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