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High-grade Single-layer Non-slip Bottom Polyester Cloth Shoe Cover

High-grade Single-layer Non-slip Bottom Polyester Cloth Shoe Cover

This is a single bottom non-slip shoe cover that is relatively light and comfortable to wear.We are High-grade single-layer non-slip bottom polyester cloth shoe cover china supplier. We have been in the High-grade single-layer non-slip bottom polyester cloth shoe cover 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Our product is made of nylon cloth, which is both environmental protection and fashion, residents welcome. Our environment-friendly products that can be recycled, full of traditional Chinese culture of conservation, combined with western awareness of environmental protection and interwoven with western awareness of environmental protection.

Our advantages:

1.User-friendly design- take full account of the antiskid function and the girl's high-heeled shoes to cause the damage of the floor, version and sole are done special design.

2. Use high quality fabrics such as pure nylon cloth to do not hurt the floor is still wearing comfortable, unlike other products, with rough ze cotton, easy to hurt the floor, especially wood floors.

3. Professional production workshops, equipment and workers.

Basic Specification

Product Name: High-grade single-layer non-slip bottom polyester cloth shoe cover

Brand: Li Deming

Material: nylon cloth

Color: Customizable

Style: non-slip

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

Workmanship: manual

Applicable people: adults

Applicable places: indoor

Note: Our product has only a small amount of stock for the time being. If you have a lot of friends, please contact online customer service, thank you!

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Sending the fans to sign the basketball, O'Neill has a foot on the show.

That's right, it's O'Neill! Last weekend, NBA legendary star "Da Shayu" O'Neill "swim" to Chongqing, set off a basketball heat wave. On the 18th, "2013 American basketball legendary star China Airlines · AVIC My TOWN Chongqing Station" was held at the Datianwan Gymnasium. As a coach, O'Neill led the legendary superstar team led by the most gorgeous point guard Williams in NBA history, and the Chongqing Dragon Team. Staged a superb performance game. On the 19th, O'Neill appeared in the basketball carnival work to interact with the fans.

A white T-shirt, a pair of old high-grade single-layer non-slip sole polyester shoes set on the 56-foot big foot. Under the guard's guard, O'Neill slammed into the door and stepped into the meeting of the fans, causing a scream.

In the two days in Chongqing, O'Neill's schedule was very tight. At 2:40 on the 18th, I got off the plane. At 4 o'clock, I rushed to AVIC MY TOWN to sell the core basketball court. I met the fans who were expecting a lot of time. Although there was a little tiredness on his face, but when he heard the screams of the fans, O'Neill immediately clenched his fists and energized. "Hello!" For O'Neill, who came to China 15 times, a standard popular saying blurted out, once again screaming fans.

The fans meet at the scene, O'Neill shows Chinese, such as "I love you", "thank you for excitement" and so on. If you go to the hometown, the Chinese-speaking O'Neill, what about Chongqing?

In the NBL league era last season, every corner of the game, there are cheerleaders to send gifts from the audience to the audience. Because the cheerleaders have a slightly smaller strength, no gifts have been thrown into the stands for a whole season, but on Friday, the scene changed. O'Neill is of great strength and throws the ball to the second floor stand as soon as he throws it. However, because the highest level of the grandstand was too high, O'Neill changed the situation of kicking the big kick and kicked the basketball into the stands. Every foot is very important and accurate, so that the fans at the highest level hold low fares. Received the same treatment as the field VIP fans.

"I love the fans, the fans are all in one piece, and my love for them is also in line." Before the game, O'Neill once hinted at the fans meeting.

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