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High-grade Single-layer Non-slip Bottom Velvet Shoe Cover

High-grade Single-layer Non-slip Bottom Velvet Shoe Cover

At present, the products are sold well in dozens of cities in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan, Hubei, etc., as well as overseas markets such as the European Union and North America, which are well received by customers.We are High-grade single-layer non-slip bottom velvet shoe cover china supplier. We have been in High-grade single-layer non-slip bottom velvet shoe cover 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Product Description

People's life quality is becoming more and more exquisite, everywhere pays attention to health, so the indoor cleaning and hygiene has become people's heavy work load. In order to keep the floor clean and had a habit of a in slippers, but in slippers also have troubles. for example, some families prepare a lot of slippers but find them not only occupying a space also indecent. slippers in wear allows beriberi easy infection, after the guests left to clean slippers, you have to sweep the floor again. The guest, however, is embarrassed by smelly feet and holes in his socks. That's why our High-grade Single-layer Non-slip Bottom Velvet Shoe Cover came into being, it well solve the problems of using slippers, aims to providing you a better and convenient way for treating guests.


Small but useful

Can be recycled

Easy to wash

Soft and comfortable

Basic Specification

Product Name: High-grade single-layer non-slip bottom velvet shoe cover

Brand: Li Deming

Material: flannel

size: one size

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

Colour: Black

Embroidered logo: can

Processing customization: can

High-grade thick velvet shoe cover.jpg

FAQ:High-grade single-layer non-slip velvet shoe covers. Customers are lost!

There are quite a lot of customers coming.

But after a while

Few customers

This makes many bosses wonder

What is the cause of customer loss?

First, dress casually

The clothing of the clerk is sometimes a reason that affects the customer's purchasing mood, because the decoration of the store and the wear of the clerk are the first impression of the customer, especially the wearing and dressing of the person. A poorly-dressed, unqualified salesperson seems to make customers feel less professional and will not have good service and professionalism.

Second, "fried dough sticks" and flicker performance

Many customers hate salesmen who are too "fried dough sticks" and bragging. They often talk like endorsements, just professional broadcasters; customers will feel, just don't say it, just face customers. A, with the precautions on it, don't be too "fried dough" and flickering.

Third, the poor and the rich

Some sales people see the customer entering the door, then we will measure the customer first, then decide whether to conduct the shopping guide and sales promotion; remember the truth that "the door is the guest", and seriously do the work of reception. Many customers who are interested in shopping or very purchasing power are ugly.

Fourth, the use of "store manager discount method"

When many shopping guides sell, they use the "store manager discount method" to attract customers, but now many customers know the trick, so the effect is relatively poor.

It is best to always answer customer questions and objections, guide product experience and experience demonstrations, and use various promotional techniques when customers confirm purchase intentions.

Five, one question three do not know

The sales staff's product professional level and sales skills are not enough. Even if they don't know, it is easy to give customers a feeling of distrust.

6. Too cold or too warm

Some clerk think that the products in the store are more expensive, ignore the customers who seem to have no purchasing power, and even look at the customers with the eyes of "Do you buy them?", which has a very bad effect; There is a kind of just the opposite, pulling the customers away from the folks who have been away for many years, scared the customers to "run fast."

Seven, no one greets

In the case of training, some stores tell the sales staff not to be too enthusiastic to say hello to the customers, let the customers buy and shop slowly, do not disturb customers;

In fact, it is not right. Enthusiastic greetings and appropriate shopping guides are the professional skills and basic courtesy of professional sales personnel. It is also a kind of respect for customers. Let customers feel at home. The purpose you want to achieve.

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