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High-grade Thick Denim Shoe Cover

High-grade Thick Denim Shoe Cover

We support High-grade thick denim shoe cover china Wholesalers. We devoted ourselves to High-grade thick denim shoe cover 12 years ,covering most of North Asia and the South Africa and North America market. We are also supply PVC children raincoat.

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Product Name: Real estate special shoes cover

Brand: Li Deming

Face material: cotton cloth

size: one size

Color: red, blue, purple, multi-color optional

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

Craft: Handmade

Whether it can be embroidered LOGO: can

Can be customized: can


Ten advantages of cloth shoe covers

1. The shoe cover shoe cover can replace the disposable plastic shoe cover, which greatly reduces white pollution.

2. The shoe cover saves resources and has low cost. It is a three-in-one shoe cover for cotton slippers, plastic slippers and disposable shoe covers.

3, cloth shoes cover is sanitary and healthy, can avoid wearing other people's slippers to prevent cross-infection of foot disease. At the same time, to avoid the guests to expose their feet, socks, odor in front of the owner, the two sides are very embarrassing situation. It is a product that loves health and civilized people long-awaited.

4, the cloth shoe cover is easy to wear, with one hand can quickly put the shoe cover on the foot, bringing great convenience to the elderly and children.

5, the shoe cover is easy to clean, ash, sand and water in the shoe cover can be cleaned in 1-2 seconds. Cleaning and disinfecting are as convenient as ordinary shoes.

FAQ:Shoes worth more than 10,000 sets a plastic shoe cover, which is also very fashionable.

This is the shape of Meng Meilu’s appearance at the airport a few days ago. In fact, when we look at it like this, Meng Meijun’s body shape is still very good. I saw her wearing a black shirt with a personalized denim skirt. The match is very trendy, and the look at this wearing a mirror of Meng Meizhen is also a feeling of her "Queen" atmosphere, really worthy of the "Celebration 101" in the C-debut People.

With the rearward movement of the lens, we also clearly observed the shape of Meng Meizhen, a black umbilical top with a pair of black trousers, and the appearance of Meng Meizhen’s body is full of her The sorcerer's breath, this choice of navel is also to make Meng Meizhen show its incomparably beautiful waist line, very charming.

You see, when our eyes fall on the shoes of Meng Mei’s feet, it’s inevitable that people will feel the light. This value-for-thousand shoes are covered with a plastic shoe cover, but there is no sense of peace. It is so fashionable and adds a lot of temperament. I don't know if you like Meng Meijun's wearing styles?

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