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Non-slip Camouflage Denim Shoe Cover

Non-slip Camouflage Denim Shoe Cover

We are output Non-slip camouflage denim shoe cover china Wholesalers. We have been in the Non-slip camouflage denim shoe cover 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply double cycling bike.

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It consists of non-slip sole with fine grain particles, reliable quality, can be worn repeatedly, and can be machine washed. Classic violet upper, cloth shoes are beautiful and made of pure cotton fabric. A variety of products are available, and can be customized if you have special requirements. You can add the upper embroidered, printed, professionally put on the company's LOGO. It can be machine washed and repeatedly worn. In particular, it will not cause scratches on the floor. Wearing our product is actually free of charge for you.

Our advantages

1.User-friendly design- take full account of the antiskid function to cause the damage of the floor, version and sole are done special design.

2. Use high quality fabrics such as pure nylon cloth to do not hurt the floor is still wearing comfortable, unlike other products, with rough ze cotton, easy to hurt the floor, especially wood floors.

3. Professional production workshops, equipment and workers.

Product information

Brand: Li Deming

Product number: LDM-568

Material: camouflage denim

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

Specifications: 31*20cm

Product style: fashion

Product packaging: bagged

Whether it can be customized: you can

Is it possible to add a logo:

FAQ:Shenzhen Hongmu Furniture Museum, as a professional museum built and operated by enterprises, is a public welfare undertaking and is open to the public free of charge. The Shenzhen Redwood Furniture Museum has got rid of the product showroom mode of the regular corporate office. It focuses on the history and culture of the furniture, while taking into account the experience and interaction, and strives to become a platform to promote the essence of traditional Chinese furniture. Here, through the carefully selected tens of thousands of pieces of furniture, the audience can feel the aesthetic taste and cultural traditions of the Chinese nation, which fully reflects the public welfare characteristics of the museum.

Combine history and culture with related industries. Shenzhen Redwood Furniture Museum is not simply to display furniture products, but to integrate furniture into people's daily life, and to combine with people's contemporary life, to reproduce a scene of Chinese life in a private space, to guide the situation and let culture add It is worthy of being extended and embodied. This mode of operation is not only leading the industry, but also provides a new idea and new model for the development of professional museums.

Its significance to Shenzhen lies in the integration of printmaking base, mahogany museum, Guanlan Hongmu street and timber market in Guanlan, forming a cluster of distinctive wood-based culture; its cluster effect will gradually ferment and influence. This will not only promote the sound development of the local economy, but also influence the “new Chinese style” initiated by the flagship enterprises of Xiangli Group, which is expected to boost the transformation of the national mahogany furniture industry.

To participate in the Shenzhen Redwood Furniture Museum, it is best to wear our products. There are a large number of visitors every day, coming in from outside or with little or no dirt or other dust. Because only your feet walk in shoes, the soles will inevitably be stained with other dust. Museums are generally large in size, and it is not too early to close. This will bring a lot of work to the museum work cleaners. If you put it on your shoes, keep the floor inside the hall clean. Invisible reduces a lot of unnecessary work. Shenzhen Lide Mingbu is a mature manufacturer, the price is cheap and good, can be reused.

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