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PE Plastic Waterproof Shoe Cover

PE Plastic Waterproof Shoe Cover

We provide PE plastic waterproof shoe cover china Manufacturer . We have been in the PE plastic waterproof shoe cover 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply, boy raincoat suit.

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Product Description

Our PE Plastic Waterproof Shoe Cover is a more economical replacememt for tranditional slippers to protect carpet and floors during messy procedure and keep clean rooms hygienic and germs restricted. It is suitable for both general and medical purpose. it is also ideal for home as well as commercial use, protects carpets and handy to put in the boot of the car to protect car flooring.


1.For disposable use
2.Lightweight, cool, comfortable material - soft elastic headband , and comfortable fold type 

3.Suited to Lab, Industry, Hospital and daily home use

Basic Specification

Applicable object: General

size: one size

Function: waterproof, dustproof

Gross weight: 4g

Pattern : none

Material: CPE

Degradable: Yes

Printed LOGO: No

Custom processing: Yes

Place of Origin (Domestic): Guangdong Province

Item No. :LDM-801

color: blue

Packing: a pack of 100

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