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PVC Plastic Shoe Cover

PVC Plastic Shoe Cover

In the winter in the factory, it is inevitable that the static electricity will become more serious due to the dryness. The rainproof shoe cover can play a very good role in preventing static electricity, so this is a special function of the rain shoe cover.We are PVC plastic shoe cover china supplier. We have been in the PVC plastic shoe cover 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Recently, a lot of citizen encountered such embarrassed, say recently autumn rain is continuous, after taking off sandal to change rain boots, the feet is long "bubble" in boots, toe hair is white, urticant, red and swollen wait for a symptom to also follow. Becaus of the poor air permeability of tranditional rain boots, our PVC Plastic Shoe Cover here will provide you with a better solution to ensure both rain protection and comfortable experience.


Waterproof and non-slip

High air permeability

Easy to put on and take off

Convenient to carry and store

Product Name: Thickened bottom PVC rain shoe cover

Brand: Li Deming

Material: PVC

Cabinet: 20-foot cabinet with 27,000 pairs or so/40-foot cabinet with 63,000 pairs or so

Color: blue, pink

Style: solid color

Features: waterproof and non-slip

FAQ: Which waterproof raincoat is good?

Shiyan Lake Hot Spring Resort is located on the bank of Shiyan Lake in Bao'an District, Shenzhen. It covers an area of 3.9 square kilometers, including 2.4 square kilometers of water surface, 1.2 square kilometers of green area and 4.5 square meters of building area. It is unique in natural hot springs. Known for its quaint and elegant Spanish architecture, the environment is quiet and pleasing.

According to the "Xin'an County" in the Eighth Year of the Ming Dynasty (140 years), the Shiyan Lake Hot Spring has a history of nearly a thousand years, and the water temperature at the wellhead is 63 °C. The water beam is combed with carbonic acid. Contains elements such as iodine, lithium, boron, and combs. It has the effect of promoting the metabolism of body tissues.

Shiyan Lake Hot Spring Resort is famous for its unique natural hot springs. Its quaint and elegant Spanish architecture stretches like a belt, and various abstract sculptures are interspersed with a quiet and pleasing environment. 

There are 13 Spanish and Portuguese luxury villa hotels in the resort, with more than 400 standard rooms. Outdoor activities include water speedboats, horseback riding, bumper cars, live fire, tennis, archery, ice skating, etc. There is also a superb swimming pool and 48 hot spring baths, which can accommodate 1500-2000 people per day. The lake has a unique style of "Lover Island"; the dance hall is trendy and has many water entertainment projects. It is a famous resort in Shenzhen.

Shiyan Lake Wen Tourism is in a rainy area, when it comes to tourism. Please be sure to bring your own waterproof raincoat and waterproof shoe cover.

Because the weather is changeable, I look at the clear sky at a glance, and it rains heavily in the blink of an eye. Shenzhen Lide Ming raincoat is cheap and stylish, and it doesn't affect the value of the body, but it also increases its own temperament and becomes a fashion trend.

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