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PVC transparent shoe cover

PVC transparent shoe cover

We are PVC transparent shoe cover china supplier. We have been in the PVC transparent shoe cover 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.The rain in the summer, under the curtain of the dark clouds, the long-awaited knots and the thunder of the rumble, under the guise of the wind, the leaching, the tears, the countryside, the overwhelming .

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Our PVC transparent shoe cover below with top quality include all kinds of different style and size. For any customer, there will be the one they like. It's good for every people to find outeasily. In addition, our compant always dedicate in offering goods with an affordable price, it will save you a large shopping budget.

Product parameters

Material: pvc fabric

Size choice: 34-42

Product weight: 190g

Product color: blue

Product features: rain, anti-fouling


Sole bottom length

Applicable size


foldable, easy to carry

no space, easy to clean

rinse with water, long-term use, fly once

The rain in the summer, under the curtain of the dark clouds, the long-awaited knots and the thunder of the rumble, under the guise of the wind, the leaching, the tears, the countryside, the overwhelming .

The rain, gradually getting bigger, I looked at the window and broke the "pearl" of the line, can not help but open the window, the face is the spring breeze, suddenly people will be refreshing. A few drops of rain fell on my cheeks, cool, very comfortable, and brought a fresh earthy flavor to the home, I was instantly intoxicated by this natural wine.

FAQ:Rainproof shoe covers become one of the most popular travel artifacts for girls

After graduating, maybe everyone should go all the way, and make a good trip to a good friend. Everyone has good memories together, and several useful products make the journey easy and enjoyable. The big hat visor can effectively cover the facial skin, prevent ultraviolet radiation, wipe the sunscreen, put on the visor, give the skin double protection, simple shape, fashion and versatile, is a good helper for travel skin care.

It is not convenient to travel outside, the hands are still to be maintained, disposable soap paper, small and convenient, how much you need to tear down, you can clean your hands at any time, more convenient and hygienic.

When girls go out, skin care products are essential. Large cans and cans are used to increase the weight of luggage. Environmentally-friendly materials are bottled. Each product has different cans. It is more convenient to put on skin care products and shampoo and shower gel. Protect the skin.

There is a small funnel. When the product is poured into the vial through the funnel, it will not leak unnecessary waste, and the dispensing is more convenient and quick.

When you are traveling, you can't sleep outside the bed. You don't have to worry about cleansing. The cotton material is dirty and sleepy. It is soft and skin-friendly. It blocks the mattress quilt and can easily have a hygienic sleeping environment.

When I travel, I am afraid that my luggage will not be picked up. It is easy to miss items in a mess, eight sets of storage bags, and clothing and shoes are classified and stored. It is easy to make the suitcases well organized.

Double-sided twill fabric, waterproof and anti-dirty, safer inside the clothing, buckle zipper head, more convenient to use.

Going out is most afraid of sudden rain, people are unprepared, portable and easy to wear rain boots, waterproof and anti-dirty, rain when traveling is not afraid of wet shoes, matte material is worn and durable, you can wear a few pairs of shoes when you go out.

The heel  has a zipper, and the bottom is equipped with a waterproof layer, so that the water can not enter the shoe cover along the zipper, and the waterproof is all-round.

Traveling outside, in addition to enjoying the mountains and waters, pay attention to sun protection. Be sure to have a sunscreen before going out, and spray it on your face without being greasy. In addition to being able to effectively protect against UV rays, it also acts as a whitening agent. I believe this summer has it and it is not worried about tanning.

The folding washbasin can not occupy the position. It is very convenient to go out for a picnic camping. The polyester fabric is waterproof and more effective. It has a large capacity. It is convenient to clean fruits and vegetables inside and easy to camp.

Slippers are essential for going out, folding slippers, storage baggage does not occupy the position, easy to carry, massage point design at the bottom, go out to the hotel to go out and put on slippers to relax your feet.

The washing cups of the toiletries are uniform, the size is small, and it is convenient to go out for sightseeing. Half of them are storage compartments, and the other half can be used as a mouth-washing cup. One can get all the things and enjoy a healthy journey.

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