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Thick Non-slip Shoe Cover

Thick Non-slip Shoe Cover

The cloth shoe cover has a long service life and is comfortable to wear. It can be worn all the year round and worn repeatedly. Health care, winter is not frozen feet, summer is not awkward. For the benefit of the humiliating weight of the feet.We supply Thick non-slip shoe cover china sample test. We have professional technical team and advanced production equipment to ensure that the quality of the products and services. We are also supply Environment-friendly PVC bath cap.

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Product Name: Real estate special shoes cover

Brand: Li Deming

Face material: cotton cloth

size: one size

Color: red, blue, purple, multi-color optional

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

Craft: Handmade

Whether it can be embroidered LOGO: can

Can be customized: can


    FAQ:Wearing a shoe cover over the suspension bridge

Shuanglonggou Scenic Area has a very fun place, it belongs to the original forest scenic area. When you go inside, you will see the super exciting glass suspension bridge! The cable bridge is very fun. The length of the glass suspension bridge is 199.9 meters, and it is in the middle of the high valley. The bridge is full of trees on both sides, and the scenery is excellent after going up. The whole bridge is transparent, which means that you can stand on the top of the scenery, and stand on it to see the scenery of the whole scenic spot. The stimulation brought by this height is really great!

When you walk this suspension bridge, you need to wear a shoe cover specially prepared for this. When you stand on it, you will feel very scared, and this fear is the foundation of your body from your soles. Some people are directly afraid of the legs. The soft step can't move, and directly grasp the railing above the cable bridge, and refuse to let go. Some courageous tourists saw that they were scared into this way, and some even screamed and screamed, and it was very funny to be very funny. All visitors who want to play this glass suspension bridge need to have a strong psychological quality, knowing that you are facing more than just a bridge. There will be other visitors while you are away, and you should not be influenced by those who are afraid. There will be many tourists staying while walking, because the scenery of this bridge is very beautiful except for horror. There is a unique uniqueness.

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