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Thick Velvet Shoe Cover

Thick Velvet Shoe Cover

We have carried out strict quality control on every aspect of the production process of the shoe cover machine and established a perfect after-sales service system.We are Thick velvet shoe cover manufacture from china. We have devoted ourselves to the Thick velvet shoe cover for 12 years, and our markets are spread across most of Europe and the Americas. We also supply Backpack raincoat and Bike raincoat

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Product Name: High-grade non-slip cloth shoe cover

Brand: Li Deming

size: one size

Color: color

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

Workmanship: manual

Style: Unisex

Applicable people: adults

Can be customized: can

Can you embroider logo: you can


Note: This shoe cover is not in stock for the time being. Please contact the customer service system if you need it. Thank you!

Glass plank road, the boardwalk should be replaced with a shoe cover

The days in Sanya are always so blue, so pure. I don't know if I have a different fate with Sanya. Every year, I always have the chance to go to Sanya for a holiday. The lazy life of Sanya attracted me, let me fall in love with the beach there, fell in love with the coconut trees there, and fell in love with the sunshine there. Sanya in May has already greeted me with a warm sunrise. Wearing long sleeves, we took off our coats early and put on shorts, standard flip-flops, and beach dresses.

Orchid Valley: The only free spot in the forest park, tropical plants and the like can be seen. After the Orchid Valley, the battery car sent us to the Longjiang Cable Bridge. The film's viewfinder was really crowded. It took a long time to get on the bridge, limited to 50 people, a batch of ones, but it was OK, not too much. Shake, the better the middle of the scenery, there is a little bit of shaking. You can clearly see the beach in the distance. Later, I went to the glass plank road that had just opened, and I had to change the shoe cover on the boardwalk, but this glass road was not as scary as I thought, and it was quite long. The next step is to walk around and pass by Ge You’s wedding room. I am not very interested in it. I didn’t go in, the forest park has exciting zip lines and other aerial projects. Our “elderly team” just passed by. It ended the day's itinerary.

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