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Transparent Belt Point Rain Boots

Transparent Belt Point Rain Boots

The anti-slip belt is used at the mouth of the shoe cover, which is close to the ankle to prevent falling off.We are Transparent belt point rain boots. We have professional technical team and advanced production equipment to ensure that the quality of the products and services. We are also supply transparent raincoat.

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Quick Details

Product Name: Rainproof Shoe Cover

Brand: Li Deming

size: one size

Material: PVC

Color: Customizable

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

Workmanship: manual

Processing customization: can

Uses: waterproof travel


1. Reducing the resistance, due to the use of high-elastic fabric, it is not easy to deform after stretching, the elastic is reasonable, the shoes will not be wrapped too tightly, and the surface will not be flat, forming a wake, which will bring no way to the riding movement. obstacle.

2, with self-locking, the bottom has a total of two hollow front and back, and the hollow part has a strong elasticity, can be perfectly matched with a variety of road and mountain shoes, effectively increase the friction, anti-slip anti-slip effect.

3, anti-fouling and dustproof, elastic fabric not only breathable and wicking effect is very good, affordable, but also can prevent the trouble caused by dust and dirt, do not worry about the small insects crawling into the shoes in the outdoor sports, this terrible Things have happened.

4. The anti-slip belt is used at the mouth of the shoe cover, which is close to the ankle to prevent falling off.

5. The rear part adopts a convenient zipper, which is convenient for the riders to put on and off quickly.

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Fashionable transparent shoe covers and raincoats can help you solve the problem of not being able to play freely on rainy days. Our product can protect you from rain. EVA material fashion raincoat, breathable, not sticking to care for you. When you play in the rain and enjoy the beauty, you have become a landscape in the eyes of others, and also dress up a dream of others.

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