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PVC Plastic Rain Shoe Cover

PVC Plastic Rain Shoe Cover

This rain shoe cover is made of high quality PVC material and has good rain resistance. The bottom is made of thick non-slip plastic bottom, which is wear-resistant. It is especially suitable for rainy days and can be placed directly on the outside of the shoes to prevent the shoes from getting wet.We are PVC plastic rain shoe cover china supplier. We have been in the PVC plastic rain shoe cover 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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This rain shoe cover is made of high quality pvc material with good rain resistance. The bottom is made of thick non-slip plastic bottom, which is wear-resistant. It is especially suitable for rainy days and can be placed directly on the outside of the shoes to prevent you from getting wet.


Waterproof and non-slip

Different color for you to choose

Can be recycled for many times

Different size available

Product information

Product brand: Li Deming

Product number: XT-FY-B

Product material: pvc

Cabinet: 20-foot cabinet with 28,000 pairs or so/ 40-foot cabinet with 64,000 pairs or so

Product Code: M L XL

Packing number: PVC independent package

Whether processing customization: can

Whether to print logo: can

Code length long width

M 25CM 11CM 18CM

L 28CM 11CM 18CM

XL 29CM 11CM 18CM

FAQ:Waterproof shoe covers are really good

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Shenzhen Wanfu Square tourism is in a rainy area, when you come to travel and play. Please bring your own waterproof EVA raincoat and PVC waterproof shoe cover. Because the weather is changeable, I look at the clear sky at a glance, and it rains heavily in the blink of an eye. Shenzhen Lide Ming raincoat is cheap and stylish, and it doesn't affect the value of the body, but it also increases its own temperament and becomes a fashion trend.

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